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The Soil of the Cross

Servant of God, Catherine Doherty

I like houseplants. I have been perplexed because I’ve killed one Ivy. Even though I watered it regularly, for it sat on the windowsill in my kitchen, it’s leave just kept drying up until the whole plant just died. This experience drew me to research how to cultivate an Ivy.

What I found is that ivys can not be over watered for too much moisture actually suffocates the plant. It’s also like that with us. If we work for our own comfort principally and shirk the Cross in what ever form it comes, we stunt our spiritual growth.

Servant of God, Catherine Doherty, a wife, an institute foundress and Catholic writer/speaker, wrote in Where Love Is, God Is, “To be poor in spirit, to be detached, to live according to God’s will, means simply to be happy, at peace and full of love and hope. A happy soul is a lamp to the world’s feet, leading all who come within its rays directly to God.”

We have to keep our supernatural perspective and practice happiness in the midst of all kinds of experiences, those we like and those we feel distaste. Certain virtues like steadfast love can only be forged in the soil of suffering! ~ Mary

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How Simple Holiness Can BE!

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How Simple Holiness Can BE!

Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty with her son, George.

Have you ever considered that you are being called…called to be a Saint right where you are living, letting your dog outside, and responding to your kids with kindness. Someone who has inspired my thinking lately is Servant of God, Catherine de Hueck Doherty in her 1953 classic, Where Love is God Is. She inspires me to find holiness by infusing my ordinary actions with supernatural perspective and a daily intention to become a Saint.

She wrote, “Somewhere, somehow, we have confused sanctity with drabness, suppression, quirks, fixations, something unhealthy that does not belong to this century of science, fresh air, sun bathing and worship of bodily beauty, comforts and health. Sanctity is so simple, as all things pertaining to God must be…It means much loving. Loving is fun. Loving is joy. Loving is peace. Loving means serving. Loving means forgetting self for others.

What about you? Just for today, how can you harness the moment for holiness- right where you are, doing the next most obvious thing in love and out of love for God?

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Go Out Into the Deep: Follow Your God Given Passions!

One day, a title of a TED talk caught my eye. I’ve written about being inspired by talks on YouTube before but this one, “Don’t Follow Your Passions” caught me off guard. I have spent the last ten years encouraging others to recognize their spiritual gifts, to find holiness and meaning in life, by noticing the passion in their lives. I felt amazed that I was sitting there, a woman at mid life, listening to a twenty something expert telling me and his audience how to find meaning and purpose by ignoring my passions. He said things like: “When I was much younger…before I had life experience”… He talked with authority about his findings in exploring this topic for the last three years. I was skeptical and kind of resentful. I have seen a turn around especially within the Church in ignoring the wisdom forged through the decades and bringing in those in their twenties as the experts. We may feel desperate in trying to reach out to the Millennials so we turn to their peers for expert advice. Don’t get me wrong, I am the mother of some wonderful young adults. I often like to learn from them and respect them very much, not as experts but as other informed people with something to share.

What was Benjamin Todd getting to in encouraging us not to follow our passions. What he was really saying was, don’t be self focused. Consider what’s really important in life, for others. Find something that, yes draws your attention, but also makes an impact in the lives of others. Don’t remain on the surface of life but touch on what matters. For those of us who have been in the trenches trying to raise the next generation and impact our parishes and Churches to draw all into deeper relationship with God, isn’t this what we have been trying to share? Whether you feel like going to Mass or bringing God’s will for you into your decision making, you are wired with deep spiritual impulses within you. God is calling you and you won’t find fulfillment until you step in sync with these spiritual passions that are, by nature , focused on what’s really important in the world and in the lives of people. We, as parents, have spent considerable time trying to help our offspring to hook into their interests, maybe it’s football, Taekwondo, riding horses etc, not as an end itself for your life work, but as a way to learn about yourself, enjoy something but be able to move into what’s really important to God and to the world. Our Faith in God and involvement in church helps move us off of the surface of life to truly living for others. Our deeper passions are how God leads us to His will for us. ~ Mary

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Who Inspires You? How Can You Carry This Onward?

One of my mentors is new Venerable Concepcion Cabrera (1862-1937), a mother, a mystic, a wife and the foundress of The Five Works of the Cross in Mexico in the last Century. Venerable Concepcion had an amazingly deep and faithful relationship with Jesus in experiencing spiritual unity with Jesus that surpassed Saint Teresa of Avila and many other Saints. She did this by fulfilling the ordinary duties of a wife and mother and by being faithful to her daily prayer time, Mass and the Sacraments. She shows us a new kind of holiness for many, if we did not choose to enter a convent or to become ordained, feel like second class citizens in the Kingdom of God.

Concepcion shows us all that holiness inspires holiness! We need to take a crucial look at our own lives to determine what God has placed within our reach and inspired within us to impact the world. We each possess the capacity for sainthood which we develop through ordinary faithfulness to ordinary decisions of our day. We have to let ourselves be moved by life and by the lives of others to love.

Yesterday, after hearing the report that we were to experience unprecedented low temperatures, the lowest temperatures ever recorded in Iowa, I broke down. Even though I complain about what the deer population behind my house does or can do to decimate my garden each summer, I felt so worried and sorry for the wild life. I drove to a farm store, because we have many in Iowa,  and bought corn to put out for them. I’m sure my neighbors wondered what had gotten into Mary when it was 10 below zero, I was out behind my house shoveling the snow in the woods so I could put out the corn. I shoveled until my hands hurt and it was time for lunch. Immediately as I turned to look out back, I saw the deer herd which initially appeared to be missing what I had just put out. I prayed, “Lord, help them find the corn.” It was the smallest one, at the bottom of the food chain that had gotten kicked out of the pack. He found the path I had scooped and led the others to jackpot!

Let the smallest, or who appear so ordinary, to lead us to our spiritual jackpot, by following the “road less traveled” that God has inspired from within us. Like Venerable, and soon to be Blessed, Concepcion Cabrera shows us, God can do amazing things with us if we are faithful to means before us and when we follow his inspiration! What about you? What has God placed at your fingertips? ~ Mary

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Sainthood and Spiritual Gifts!

We can all learn from the example of the Saints and of saintly people when we try to grow in loving others. As Saint Catherine of Siena wrote in her classic work, The Dialogue, “I have given many gifts and graces, both spiritual and temporal, with such diversity that I have not given everything to one single person, so that you may be constrained to practice charity towards one another…I have will that one should need another and that all should be my minsters in distributing the graces and gifts they have received from me” Dialogue I:7.

We each have to take the time to recognize the call in our lives from God and to recognize our unique charisms to fulfill this call. It is not as one priest told me that it is not necessary for each to discern their charisms. He stated that “Charisms will just be their excuse for not helping. All just have to roll up their sleeves and pitch in!” Part of what he says is true, we have to say yes when others need our assistance. We each may not have a gift for service but we have to take our turn “setting up chairs” for the church dinner. What he is missing is that once we discern our charisms or God given spiritual gifts associated from our Baptism, we can serve the Body of Christ so much more efficiently and impactfully. The Church today needs us to manifest Christ’s power in specific ways.

This is how God built the Early Church. He manifested His power through individuals to the wider circle of life. Right now, we hunger to experience this same healing, empowering love of God in action which will counter act some of the difficult actions of some in the Hierarchy. Do not get me wrong, I love the Church but we have been wounded by the bad choices of a few in key positions at the Vatican and with some of our Shepherds. Jesus is working to renew the Church through the example of all and especially the laity! ~ Mary Kaufmann

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Finding Your Passion as a God-Given Gift!

I awoke early today, for today I was not going to work as a hospital chaplain because of the record setting -60 below wind chill, and started riding my bike in my basement. I turned on a youtube conversation about finding your passion and purpose in life. I am passionate about assisting others to recognize their spiritual and personal gifts that are part of each of our personal vocations. (Check out my retreat, Spirit Alive, on my ministry website, Incarnate Institute.) I found Scott Dinsmore doing a TED Talk entitled, “How to Find and Do Work That You Love”    and happily listened and finished my workout. I was enthralled.

I often have found that God leads me to creative adventures like starting Incarnate Institute, a retreat and conference ministry over ten years ago. I have traveled all over the USA and Canada doing faith based conferences but at times struggled wanting a local circle of ministry. Hence for the last five years, I have also worked at local hospitals as a Certified Hospital Chaplain while I kept Incarnate Institute going. I could relate to Scott’s feeling that he was supposed to offer ministry helping people find their passion and purpose but at times, it was discouraging and lonely. He had temptations to quit until he found the power of cultivating a “can do” attitude by surrounding himself with others being successful doing entrepreneurial endeavors. Once he changed his attitude, he found his ministry growing by leaps and bounds. For me, this also included giving God credit for using others to encourage him. God had a plan for Scott’s life as he does for mine and for yours.

After that short 17 minute TED Talk, I searched YouTube again to see what else this inspiring young person had shared. I found that about a year after making that talk, in 2015, Scott Dinsmore died while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I felt startled and really sad. He had stirred something inside of me; and I had been touched by his passion. I was left thinking: “It was a really good thing that this young man followed the pull in his heart to offer his perspectives because his time on Earth was short. I see this as a message to me also, to step out fearlessly and securely to fulfill God’s will for my life. At times, I have struggled in limited roles as a hospital chaplain and wondered why I have not felt fulfilled just doing that? God has placed a call in my life to reach out of my immediate circle through offering retreats, conferences and spiritual direction. What about you? Do you struggle to find meaning and purpose? Check out Spirit Alive and this short TED Talk. ~ Mary





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Many times, when we try to make our lives a living sacrifice with Jesus for others, we still carry a deeper question. Isn’t the sacrifice of Jesus complete to save us? We may feel presumptive, thinking that we can offer anything more for the salvation of the world.

What we find is that as we grow spiritually, we feel a greater love and intimacy, a connection with Jesus. Jesus told Blessed Concepcion Cabrera (using the work of Father Richardo Zimbron Levy, M.Sp.S. in his book Priestly People 190) “It is not that my sacrifice is insufficient. It is that the essence of my Gospel is that all be ONE WITH ME. This is the supreme goal of the Word made flesh, of the Eucharist and of the action of the Holy Spirit in my Church.”

Jesus has a deeper heart felt goal for the world. He told Concepcion, “When Christians truly become one body with mine, one blood with mine, one heart with mine, and one sacrifice with mine, then the face of the world will change and the Father will be gloried by all humanity. May all people Do this in Memory of Me.”

Through the spirituality of Blessed Concepcion, we see that all Christians possess a truly important call, to love Jesus with their all and to follow the lead of this Love, to offer their ordinary sacrifices with Jesus for the salvation of the world. Protestants and Catholics together are called to this deep and sacrificial love as a redeeming force for the world.  This Christmas, how could you incorporate this call in practical ways? ~ Mary Kaufmann


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Intimacy with Jesus according to Venerable Concepcion Cabrera

Blessed Concepcion enjoyed a personal intimacy with God that we can learn a lot from. When Jesus encouraged her to offer her life for others as a sacrifice, she had some really understandable questions.

Using the work of Father Richardo Zimbron Levy, M.Sp.S. in Priestly People, we see Concepcion question Jesus, “But, Lord, doesn’t it please you when I offer you to the Father through the words of my prayer?” Jesus answered her, “Yes, I like that. But human speech is not always necessary; what flows from the heart is enough. Thus you will see that what I am asking of you is actually easier. Simply live a pure life, detach from earthly matters, offering me to the Father and offering yourself with me for the salvation of the world. An in this priestly action, forget yourself and just love, adore, and unite yourself to me.”

So, this Christmas, ask the Lord for the grace to simplify yourself and center yourself to live consistent with your deepest convictions: of loving God. Do this more than just for yourself, do it because others will benefit spiritually and depend on your generosity. ~ Mary Kaufmann

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Loving Jesus this Christmas with Blessed Concepcion Cabrera

What we celebrate this Christmas is something that we can continue through out the whole year. Blessed Concepcion Cabrera shows us the power of living a life in the world as baptismal priests. Jesus showed her that both the ministerial priesthood and the baptismal priesthood are to complement and support each other as unique participation in the priesthood of Christ.

Using quotes from Concepcion’s journal summarized by Father Richardo Zimbron Levy, M.Sp.S. in his book Priestly People, Jesus showed her that, while he delighted in her prayer of using words that honor him, he was showing her an easier way to live a life of holiness, of offering the ordinary sacrifices that crop up in life for the good of the world. When Concepcion (aka Conchita) questioned Jesus about how she would continually offer Jesus to the Father while she attended to her family, Jesus showed her an easier way. He told her, “Whoever loves me remembers me, and the more you love me, the more frequently you will remember me. Furthermore, it is not necessary to use words to offer me to the Father. It is enough to have a simple interior gaze with this intention, full of love and tenderness for all people. This is enough for the Father to lavish graces upon the soul that offers me and to dispense these same graces upon all humanity(189).”

What about you? Have you ever seen your own life a priestly life, one that by loving God and remembering that he is with you through the ups and downs, you become able to offer your life as a sacrifice which can liberate graces for others. If we see something disturbing in the news or about our Church, we don’t have to throw our arms down and complain. We can turn lovingly to God and not waste the goodness of the present moment as an offering. Remember this the next time you do ordinary and often boring tasks or get to continue to love someone who may not treat you well. ~ Mary Kaufmann

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