Posted by: wordofthevine | October 21, 2012

How do we make the Faith real to our kids?

We arrived in time to unload the truck: day-old bread, pies, cakes and over-ripe produce. There is a brief review on food safety…”Their immune systems are fragile, so if you have a cold, let’s stick you on the mop and broom”. The menu is decided by the donations that came on the truck. Looks like there will be an amazing fruit salad, Cole slaw, pumpkin pie and dinner rolls to go with the beef stew. For the next 3 hours everyone has a job. They share with each other, the details of their holiday gifts and travel as they peel potatoes, cut up fruit, scrub floors and pots. Our guests begin to arrive. There are a lot of kids – no school means no free lunches. Most brought a new-to-them toy; they plan to linger here in the warmth, as long as possible. Once everyone is served, we fill our plates and sit amongst our guest to share in the fellowship. As they leave, they take a jar of peanut butter and as much bread and pastries as they want…there will be no more meals until Monday. We head for home once the dishes are done and floors are swept.

The ride home is a lot quieter than when we came. One shares she didn’t know she was related to someone in need. Another was surprised to see the same family for the third year. “I’ve seen them for at least eight.”

Share opportunities you have found to model for youth our call to service. ~Brenda

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