Posted by: wordofthevine | November 4, 2012

Loving Attention to God, a skill for the Year of Faith

My sons both got new cell phones this fall. One had lost his and the other had dropped it on the driveway when getting out of a car and his brother had inadvertently driven over it. The day after they obtained these new phones, I received a text from whom I thought was the youngest son, Timothy, to bring his socks for football practice.  I usually allow my kids to suffer the consequences of forgetting things but this son needed some encouragement.  He hadn’t done his laundry, so I found a pair of socks on the floor of the bathroom that were not too bad and drove them to Timothy’s school. I took the socks to the middle school office and put his name on them.

That night, Tim came and said, “Mom, the secretaries and I were laughing at you. Why did you bring me dirty socks today?” “Because you texted me and asked for them,” I replied. He responded, “No, I didn’t.” “Yes, you did,” I replied.

The next day at the dinner table, my oldest son still at home, Patrick, mentioned, “Why didn’t you bring my socks when you said that you would. Coach wanted me to have those calf highs. You said that you would.”

In many ways, we’re like that with God. We don’t know how to read His signals to us and how to stay connected with him through our days. Usually, if you’re like me, “you’re dancing as fast as you can” with all the demands. Life is busy. Think about your own life. When you get going each day, how often do you think about God and invite Him into the particulars. Also, have you ever stopped to realize that the ups and downs of your day often have spiritual connotations?

In the next few posts, we’ll explore a simple, yet profound, practice for today’s disciple. It’s a simple, yet practical technique and approach to living with God called Loving Attention to God. Loving Attention to God is an easy and novel approach to living in the power and presence of God that any of us, in any way of life, can cultivate. Between now and the next post, disengage yourself from autopilot and notice where and what you are focusing on as you live. Is it what you have to do, or who you’re doing it with…God? Next, we’ll share how to practice
Loving Attention to God. ~Mary

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