Posted by: wordofthevine | November 11, 2012

Ven. Concepcion Cabrera de Armida: A Powerful Mentor for Spiritual Mothers

My first meeting with Ven. Concepcion Cabrera de Armida was fate, I think. I was thumbing through Ronda De Sola Chervin’s book, Prayers of the Women Mystics  when she jumped out at me. Maybe, it was her beautiful heart-felt prayers to Jesus in the Eucharist that grabbed and enthralled me and the fact that she too, was the mother of a large family. I suspect more.  She grabbed me and was my first companion  in spiritually walking along with the Church to pray for priests.

Let me give you a taste of her words. As you reflect with her words, pay attention to your own heart and what develops for you in your mission in praying for others. You are my Love, O my Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. My first thought on waking is of you, beloved of my soul, and my last before closing my eyes in sleep is of that consecrated Host, with an ardent longing for the dawn of another day when I can approach You and receive You in Holy Communion. O envied Monstrance! O blessed Ciborium, beloved of my heart! The Tabernacle is my Treasure, and, far or near my eyes never lose sight of it, for it contains the God of Love.

From the depths of her heart, centered on the Eucharist, the Lord formed her to carry priests in her heart with Him and engender intimate spiritual renewal for priests, the Church and the World. Her ardent love of Jesus and of priests never took her away from her family or her relationship with her husband. Her family life was augmented by her unity with God and her mission in the Church. The Lord  told her that He wished to show the world that holiness and mission within the Church was not confined to a select few but for all, including mothers. Have you ever thought that your own feminine approach to people, connected you in a particular way to Jesus in the Eucharist? We will explore this sense in upcoming posts and let Ven. Concepcion assist us.


  1. Mary. You just entered the main stream communication line.
    I am happy for you and for Conchita. I will be looking forward to reading your next entries. Fr.Domenico msps

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