Posted by: wordofthevine | November 16, 2012

How to Practically Grow in the Virtues

In the midst of all the business, I noticed that I hadn’t heard from one close friend for awhile. I called her, got her voice mail, and left a message. I waited. No response. I called again and no response followed. I’ve known that when she’s dealing with something, I often don’t hear from her. Why is that? She likes to process her troubles in her head and with God before she goes public with them. While all of us deal with challenges differently, often it may be a temptation that limits our intimacy with others, if we pull back away from our family and friends. As a friend, our virtues can be tested and forged sharing our struggles with others and by waiting patiently for others to reciprocate with us. I admit. I had to acknowledge my own hurt feelings in this situation and be vigilant to keep my thoughts grounded in truth. We learn to practice the virtue of love by engaging our encounters with others and consequently with our own reactions in the light of grace. We learn to love more unselfishly like Christ by” remaining in the circle of humanity where our hearts and minds can be broadened,” in the words of the late, Msgr. Romano Guardini,a renowned theologian and writer.

Think about your own life. Where do you struggle? What situations, people and reactions bring you to your limits. When are you more vulnerable to being selfish? (When you are tired, hungry, and lonely?) These challenges can be a gift given or allowed by God, to help you progress in the pursuit of the virtues. Consider these points as you review your day  Christian discipleLet us learn this active charity so we can be like Servants of God Catherine Doherty and Dorothy Day! ~Mary

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