Posted by: wordofthevine | November 19, 2012

Only In Silence

It was my stress-filled, overloaded schedule of the past couple months that prompted me to attend a retreat. It was a silent retreat. I almost backed out at the last minute, thinking I did not need one more place to go.

I have always known and seen the Holy Spirit working in my life. As I drift off to sleep, I ask for help with a problem. Without fail, I would wake with the answer – a solution greater than anything I could have possibly come up with on my own. God has been most generous in this way, in my life.

In the silence of my retreat, I began to see with clarity other ways that the Holy Spirit was guiding me. My whole life, there have been moments of great happiness – shear joy; Joy that brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes the feeling came when I should be happy. But, other times the feeling of joy came at the most unexpected time – a morning walk; the drive to work. I rationalized it as, “I must be a naturally happy person.”

In this silent weekend, I began remembering bits of presentations – The Theology of the Body, Deacon Formation, etc. In every case, JOY was defined NOT as happiness but as a state of being in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Imagine my excitement at that moment of understanding.  I was so thankful to have this entire weekend to reflect back on all the moments of JOY and think about what the Holy Spirit was telling me or guiding me toward at that time.

My life is still hectic but I schedule time for silence. As Mother Teresa said, “It is only in the silence that we can truly hear God’s voice.”  ~Brenda

Brenda Schmitt

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