Posted by: wordofthevine | November 26, 2012

Becoming a Gift this Advent: Practical Dimensions for Today’s Disciple

In America, we just celebrated our national holiday of Thanksgiving, and we probably are aware of the needs and struggles of people near to us. As we enter closer to the season of Advent, we need to discover anew a way of living, practicing, celebrating and expressing our Catholic Faith, our faith and relationship with Jesus and His Body the Church. Our goal this Advent is to take significant steps towards being transformed into Christ, Christ the ultimate gift to and offering for us. The present times require us to take on, decisively, new strength and vigor so we can live as Catholics imbued with the Spirit of the Gospel. We live in important times.

Like the twelve days of Christmas, we will explore the rest of Advent, fourteen connections to Jesus that we can make that will inflame the spiritual life of individuals, families, parishes and even dioceses. Venerable Concepción Cabrera de Armida, the Mexican mystic, wife, mother and spiritual writer, described these connections as links in a “chain of love”, a chain of love that we can cultivate by living each ordinary moment as a “reunion” with God and a powerful offering to Him for the needs of others. When we live the space of each minute surrendered to the love of God by intention, we are transformed more and more, ourselves, into the living presence of Jesus. Jesus becomes alive within and through us so our families, religious communities, co-workers and parishes feel the impact of His love with us.

These fourteen connections or links in the chain of love of God are practical dimensions of spiritual living to implement this Advent season. They were forged in the down to earth, yet profound life, of Ven. Concepción Cabrera, a woman embroiled in family life. She shared them with the bishops, priests, nuns and laity that followed her way in the Five Works of the Cross. These fourteen spiritual connections of Ven. Concepción are meant for every member of the Church as a way to cultivate the fruits of our Baptisms. They reinforce us in the spiritual battles of our times and bring us continuity, perseverance, strength and love. The first link or connection to God that we’ll explore in the next post is learning, practically, to live in humility and sacrifice. Be prepared to come away with some novel and powerful encouragement for your spiritual lives. We must raise our limp arms and claim our resources in Jesus! The practice of the Faith and the spiritual welfare of our families, parishes and communities rest in the balance! ~ Mary


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