Posted by: wordofthevine | November 30, 2012

The Second Spiritual Connection for Advent


Our Lord asks us to make ourselves a gift to Him this Advent by cultivating purity in heart and mind.Remember the words of Jesus, “It is not what enters your mouth that makes you impure but what comes out of your mouth, for what comes out of your mouth comes from your heart” (Mt 15:11). This  is the second spiritual connection  or means of holiness for Advent that we learn from Ven. Concepción Cabrera, our saintly witness for Advent, among others.  She helps us realize our capacity this Advent season to be transformed into Jesus. Purity is the virtue or good habit that helps us know our own vulnerabilities and be able to empathize with the struggles of others. When we posses a pure heart, or a pure heart in the making, we learn to read the movements of our own hearts in the light of the Holy Spirit and become healing ambassadors of Christ. God can heal others with our words, our service or our gentle, flexible presence. Purity is anything but boring!

Ven. Concepción helps us understand that forming a pure heart is a process, a process that’s especially important for our culture today. Blessed John Paul II called our day and age a pornified culture. We live in times of “mutual using” rather than “mutual self-gifting. This Advent let us grow to confront our culture with the power of God’s love in us.

Concepción, our saintly friend, tells us to let ourselves be intentional about becoming virtuous. The virtues are not passe today. They grow in stages with the first to eliminate serious or mortal sins from our lives. Think about your purity in viewing others. Pornography is a serious problem for many men and women, and many Church going people.

Next, she directs us to strive with gentleness to eradicate venial or less serious sins and even our lack of virtue that we are conscious of. This is the gift of family or community life. When we rub elbows with spouses, kids, neighbors and friends, our rough places get stirred up. What a blessing!  With God’s help, we want to tackle all that diminishes the strength and breadth of our love. We can never say, like a man who approached me in the confessional line, “My confessions don’t take too long because I don’t have any sins.” I was wondering why he picked me out of the line to share that with?

This Advent our Lord is leading us to refine our souls so His life can transform the World through us. Sound impossible? It is without praying for the help of the Holy Spirit .Turn to the Sacrament of Confession this Advent to break these chains. Our Lord is drawn to our wounds. We don’t have to hide them from Him. He wants what comes from our mouths and actions to lift the burdens of others. The Holy Spirit of Jesus in our midst is the good news of the Season.

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