Posted by: wordofthevine | December 24, 2012

Our Best Gift for Jesus this Christmas


Maybe you’re like me today.Once I finish this post, I’m rushing around to do some last minute shopping, and some preparation for the big celebration of Christmas. I’m thinking, now what little gift would communicate love to each of my kids and to my husband and friends?

What type of gift is the Lord asking from each of us this Christmas? He wants us to enjoy His presence in the people and the celebration around us for sure. All is given as gift, but truly, He wants something more from us this Christmas. He wants to go to the core. He wants our hearts as His. What type of heart does He want? Servant of God, Archbishop Luis Martinez says, he wants to make our hearts like a manger, a humble resting place for God. With our willingness, He will gather up our challenges, our shortcomings and even our sins and show us how to let His love transform them. He wants us to discover in the nitty gritty of our lives, how to turn to Him in expectation, in trust, and in awareness of our need for Him.

These attitudes of heart are what we can strive and pray for this Christmas day, as a gift for Jesus. It’s not so much that we are striving for perfection, but rather, for greater surrender and awareness of our need for Him. In this, we find our struggles, gifts that we can bring into His light, for in doing this, the Holy Spirit overshadows us and we gestate His presence within. He desires and is attracted to us in these attitudes of purity, of humility, faithfulness to His allowed will, so we may welcome Him with Hearts that are like Mary’s.With Mary’s heart, we will serve our brothers and sisters with transforming charity. Our best gift is our humanness offered to Him with hearts like Mary’s.~ Mary

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