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Consecrate the World to the Holy Spirit

As I lay awake one night with issues of parenting on my mind, I remembered Ven. Father Felix Rougier’s words,”Our work, as that of Jesus and of His disciples, is an apostolate. But the apostolate is not, as almost everyone imagines, a human endeavor, it is a work through which God Himself wishes to act through us,”  from a letter on July 1937 by Ven. Father Felix Rougier. I knew I needed the Holy Spirit to act through me. I felt small before the beautiful task  before me of parenting. I’m sure parish priests have some similar feelings when they look out across their congregations and wonder, “How will I be a shepherd to so many. I’m spread so thin.”  We are in a new era, the Year of Faith.

Synod of the New Evangelization

Synod of the New Evangelization

Ven. Rougier,M.Sp.S. had the secret, by cultivating a living awareness of the Holy Spirit and the love of God.

Ven. Father Felix mediated often on the mystery of the Holy Spirit, the source and power of every apostolate. He received light and hope of a new era, a new era with the special impact of the Holy Spirit that renews all things. He wrote to his community in Rome, “I see rising in the horizon the incoercible flame that is to set the whole world on fire” (April 17, 1927). The apostolate of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit arose from these insights of their founder, an emphasis that would bring about this new era of Faith. They sought to spread devotion and relationship with the Holy Spirit so that the Spirit may “reign in the hearts of the faithful, in families and in the “society at large” (April8, 1934). Is that not what Pope Benedict XVI is hoping for, a re-evangelization of hearts, of communities and our Church with the living mystery of Christ’s love in our midst.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio, a key member of the Synod of the New Evangelization, recognized today, as this new era, the new era of the Holy Spirit, who brings Jesus alive in the Church and in hearts. He asked the Holy Father that all bishops join together to consecrate the world to the Holy Spirit, so God can work through us today. The Holy Spirit is that “incoercible flame” that can set the world on fire. Our Faith is much more than belief in the head, as Ven. Father Felix and Archbishop Garcia-Siller propose. We have to experience personally the touch, the fire and the love of God, the Holy Spirit. Then we will stop at nothing to share the good news.Do you believe this? What part does the Holy Spirit play in your own life? In the next posts, we explore some practical ways Ven. Father Felix cultivated relationship with the Holy Spirit. ~ Mary

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