Posted by: wordofthevine | January 27, 2013

Jesus is the Yeast that Transforms US

Bread for the Kingdom

Bread for the Kingdom

Ven. Father Felix Rougier, M.Sp.S. desired everyone to find union with God. To find union with Jesus, we must be transformed into Him. To his community of priests, The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, he left a legacy, a collection of letters that describe the desires of his heart. In one dated, February 9, 1930, to the Community in Rome, he wrote, ” My very beloved children, I greet you with the same love as always, a love which is always rising, always seeking, so to speak that heaven where it will be eternal. The great task no, the Divine Work that Jesus has entrusted to each one, is our transformation into Him. and, let us not say, beloved children, that it is difficult, that it is impossible. No! Jesus does not demand things from us that are beyond our reach. Think of the parable of the wheat. The woman puts in three measures of flour. We are that flour; and the Church

through Baptism is the woman and Jesus is the yeast that transforms us. Mary, who gave Jesus to everyone, who hid that divine Yeast in the dough that is all humanity, Mary is also that Woman. In that little measure of flour, made white by the Blood of Jesus, which in time ferments,  becomes a BREAD worthy of the table of our Heavenly Father. This is the transformation that Jesus wishes from each one of us.”

Fr. Felix helps us understand the unfathomable mystery of God’s loving action in our hearts. Like yeast, we become completely one with Christ, so through Baptism, the person is peculated and permeated by the grace of Christ until the transformation into Him is complete. Let us each receive the yeast of the Holy Spirit, be strengthened in grace so we may be Bread for the Kingdom.~ Mary

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