Posted by: wordofthevine | February 7, 2013

Open the Heart

Hola Mis Amigos, I have been in Mexico for five days and have spoken more Spanish than for my entire life. This is good for this is the reason that SacredHeartFlameI have come. It is a beautiful language! I sense that the community of faith here in Mexico is a faith with a living heart. Unlike my parish in Iowa with two Masses per day, near my Guadalajara family, the parish has seven Masses per day. The music moves my heart and the intensity of worship is great.

My teacher in Guadalajara had me do an exercise the first day that has helped my pronunciation alot. She said when English is spoken, the mouth and jaws do not have to work very much, but with Spanish it is important to “abierto la boca” or open the mouth, make the mouth make the vowels. I suggest that with our hearts too, we have to learn to open wide our hearts so we can love God with the love that he desires, an undistracted full person love from the depths.

This is a sense that has come to me when I left my comfort zone and culture. Taking this step into the unknown, into a language of the heart, has helped me open to God, and learn to rely outside of myself. God is good!

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