Posted by: wordofthevine | February 10, 2013

Living Spiritual Childhood

The flag of Mexico                      I am in Guadalajara, MX for the next four weeks trying to learn Spanish. The experience has been a good one and the people that I have been meeting are truly very good and caring people. Today in Mass, I actually understood some things and got a message from the homily, unlike last week. What has stuck out for me in this immersion is how much of a child I need to be to learn a new language as well as grow in holiness. How I have thought rather unconsciously back in Iowa that I was capable. This experience has shown me, yes, I have received gifts and when things have gone well, I am responding responsibly to the gift/inspiration given to me by God. Yesterday’s experience showed me in my more native form.

I went out to lunch in a great neighborhood Mexican restaurant with great tostadas. My how we have stunted Mexican food in the United States and Americanized it, although Mexico is called the United States of Mexico.

I am finding some people are easier for this Americana to understand. I think I was tired. No matter how slow they spoke to me, I found that I was not understanding much. Here was a group of people who I would have loved to dig into a deep spiritual conversation with, for several members of Venerable Conchita’s lay associate and a priest, a Missionary of the Holy Spirit were present. I couldn’t follow the conversation, or even really contribute and when the inevitable questions were directed to me, I didn’t understand all of them. What I did understand was one of the adults speak to the table that I didn’t understand much more than I could speak and that I struggled with verb tenses. All of this was true. When I looked over at the table near us, I saw a toddler. I thought he and I had alot in common. I guess, what can you expect after only one week of immersion.

I got home and felt tears welling up in my eyes. I went for a walk around the block and found myself walking down Felix Rougier Avenue which connect to Conchita Avenue. I thought, well, I have some heavenly friends looking over me. When I returned to the house, I was fine.

In many ways, being in a new and different environment shows me how I have to find my confidence in God and not my own competencies. Today has been a better day and instead of feeling pride I feel gratitude. I walked to a plaza and could speak enough Spanish to ask some questions and buy something that I forgot from home. Poco a Poco as they have been telling me, I am finding my way. In what area of your life is God guiding you to find Him in charge, where you can find a place of gratitude and peace amongst the stress?~ Mary

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