Posted by: wordofthevine | February 13, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation


Maybe you were like me, I opened my email on Monday, February 11 and read, Pope Benedict XVI renounces his papacy. After 4 hours of Spanish class that morning, although I was preparing for a mid day siesta, I sprang out of bed and blurted a mixture of Spanish and English to Manuel and Rosa, who I am living with in Guadalajara. I want to suggest that Pope Benedict XVI is exercising his office as Pope in making this decision. He is a man profoundly formed theologically and spiritually. He knows the Tradition of the Church. We live in very distinctive times and the Holy Spirit is making a move, a decisive move to guide his Church into the center of the love of Jesus.

From the confines of the monastery where he will live from within the Vatican, Joseph Ratzinger will be exercising his episcopacy, his priesthood in a very courageous way for the Church, in prayer and sacrifice. The fruits of his courageous  oblation will reap untold fruits for us and for the new Pope.He will discover a new revelation of the Cross for our times.

In God’s providence, the spiritual and pastoral presence of Joseph Ratzinger to the New Pope must be necessary and providential for the Church to navigate in the uncharted waters of our current day. The Holy Spirit is acting, first in the Year of Faith, and now in this providential movement of grace that Pope Benedict XVI has discerned for us with the change in leadership. We will look back on this and see the fruits and the wisdom of all we don’t understand now.

Share your thoughts and comments about Pope Benedict’s decision as comments on this blog. We welcome your considerations! ~Mary

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