Posted by: wordofthevine | February 15, 2013

Comforting the Heart of Jesus

artworks 395Recently my son had some minor surgery to remove a cyst from his back. The doctor tried to remove it during an office procedure but was unable to do so. He had me come into the procedure room because my son is still in high school. I had to work to avoid seeing the procedure, a grizzly experience for a mom. I would have rather been on the table myself. A few days later, he had general anesthesia and is now fine. I suffered with this and had the difficult experience sharing this with a friend. When I shared my ordeal, right away, she took the wind out of my sails and had no room for my feelings or any capacity to offer me comfort. I’m sure I reached her when she had been dancing as fast as she could and was tired.

Our Lord is like me, according to Ven. Father Felix Rougier and Ven. Concepcion Cabrera, He desires us to comfort Him. Many Catholics today skip Mass, or pop the Eucharist in their mouths along with their gum, like its candy. Do we know, ourselves and do we  teach our kids, how to approach Him in Mass and outside of Mass to adore Him. I cringed recently in my parish when I heard someone say, “I’m not going to go and sit in front of that box!” That box! How absurd!

Fr Felix and Concepcion Cabrera help us see that “the Love of Jesus so disowned and despised demands consolation.” It’s the crowning glory, for our times, to the revelation of the Sacred Heart given to St. Margaret Mary at Paray-le-Monial in France. The Lord does not just desire us to make up for the sins of others by coming to Him in adoration or during the First Fridays. He desires us to be moved by love of Him to console Him, to comfort Him in His intimate sorrow. The Lord is very sensitive. Let us not deny that in heaven we have Jesus true man and true God.

There is a tremendous power and renewal in grace that will ensue if we love Him where it hurts! Our Lord is not indifferent to our indifference, but He desires demonstrations of love toward Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Can you pull yourself away from your pressing demands and give Jesus the gift of your heart in the Eucharist? We can start a chain reaction of grace that is active here and now if we do! ~Mary


  1. So, loved your article and I am sharing in face thank-you,

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