Posted by: wordofthevine | February 21, 2013

Our Witness of Faith this Lent

On Ash Wednesday, I was at the Cathedral in the Central Plaza in Guadalajara,Mexicocathedral guadalajara and received ashes on my forehead at a service celebrated by Cardinal Jose Francisco Robles Ortega, the archbishop of Guadalajara. What a beautiful and breathtaking experience and environment. In a side chapel of the Cathedral, I found large relics of the Mexican martyrs, most of which lived in or around Jalisco, Mexico, where Guadalajara is located during the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th Century.I was moved to see their bones, signs that they were ordinary people who made a generous response to God and the people around them, inspired by grace.

At the Ash Wednesday service, just a few days after Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement and renunciation of the Papacy, there were twenty or more journalists and photographers present in the Cathedral. Their presence served as a distraction for me. No matter what you think about the buzz in the Church with the upcoming Conclave to elect the new Pope, the challenge is not to lose sight of the fruitfulness of our Faith. Like the Mexican martyrs, each of us, myself included, has to practice a self offering, focused life of faith. We want to live so our memory can inspire faith in others. Anyway, what a cross to be hounded by the paparazzi.  Cardinal Robles Ortega has to live a life of discipline and gift of self, where he, like us, would be willing to give it all up for love of Christ.

What’s your plan for Lent this year, or Cuaresma or Forty Days as it is in Spanish. I think of this plan of discipline every time I make the Sign of the Cross and zip between cars on a busy highway on my walk to Spanish class here in Mexico. My life flashes before me! Have you taken the time to get your spiritual life in order? Share what you think is most important for the prospective martyrs of our time to consider as they carry out the Faith in the world. ~Mary

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