Posted by: wordofthevine | March 22, 2013

Pope Francis I: “a Christian saint for humanity.”


From Zenit News from Rome from March 20, 2013 we find the interesting quote:“John Paul II was the Pope of hope, Benedict XVI the Pope of faith and Francis is the Pope of charity,” “He is a Christian saint for humanity: hope, gentleness and sincerity.” The article highlights the effect that Francis seems to exert on people as he moves so naturally with people. He jumps from the stopped vehicle to kiss a disabled man, who starts laughing in joy. He kisses a crying baby girl and she relaxes, an effect the author supposes is how Jesus moved among people. They were moved in the heart.

Pope Francis, even with the calling to live in the limelight for the Church, exudes the presence that every one of us can cultivate through Baptism and the Christian life. Somehow in the midst of the messiness of Christian life among people, we can catch a glimpse of the transformative love of God that is active in our midst. This is the power of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus when it touches us in ordinary life. Where in your life can the example of Pope Francis I and most especially of Jesus, be a light of hope and love? The Lord, like Pope Francis I, loves the knot holes in the wood of our hearts, for it is precisely where the Lord Jesus can touch us most deeply, and move us to joy. I try to remember this myself as I interact with a teenager who is challenging me, and when I wash sheets from a child who has the stomach flu, which has moved through my house this week. Messiness, once it’s surrendered becomes a place of Resurrection! Praise God! ~ Mary

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