Posted by: wordofthevine | April 9, 2013

We have a new archbishop

Bishop Jackels

Today I helped my kids pack lunches and get out the door for the bus and walked into Mass as the associate pastor was finishing his announcement about a new archbishop for the Archdiocese of Dubuque. I felt a little confused, like I missed a pivotal scene of a movie.  I asked the man behind me, “What did he say, a new Archbishop? What is his name?” He replied, “Archbishop Michael Owens Jackels.”  I blurted out, “Que bueno” in my newly developing Spanish. Out of the blue of my ordinary life, the word and work of God sprang forth, much like it did with Mary and the Angel Gabrielle at the Annunciation, the Solemnity that we were celebrating today. We heard a new name during the Eucharistic Prayer today. God is a God of surprises.

Let us approach every Mass and every Sacrament with this expectation that God is alive and doing something new. Every Sacrament is an encounter with the Saving mystery of God. Let each of us, in the silence of our hearts, let God announce our new name, and reveal His will and preferences for us. We each are chosen for an unrepeatable mission for God. Archbishop Jackels said “Yes” to being our Archbishop as Mary said “Yes” to being the Mother of the Redeemer!  I’m sure that when Bishop Jackels received the phone call from the Nuncio announcing the Good News of his appointment as Archbishop of Dubuque, he stood in amazed and stunned silence for the generosity of God towards him. What is God asking of you? Remember, have “out of this World” hopes for yourself in God, for nothing is impossible for God. ~ Mary

P.S. We are overjoyed with the good news of Bishop Jackel’s appointment as the Archbishop of Dubuque! Welcome Archbishop Jackels!

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