Posted by: wordofthevine | April 10, 2013

How do the Saints Help Us?

Elisabeth Leseur and husband, Felix

Elisabeth Leseur and husband, Felix

I just returned from language immersion in Guadalajara, Mexico where I observed bystanders examining the relics of some of the Mexican martyrs in the Cathedral of Guadalajara. A few of them grimaced at the pieces of bone and jeered at the practice of reverencing the remains of Saints. Even in Mexico, I heard, “How weird: to pray to the Saints!”

Well, that is not our theology as Catholics, to pray to the Saints. We ask them to pray with us with certain intentions like we do any close friend here and now. The Communion of Saints, the Catechism of the Catholic Church says is a reality. It defines it as a unity between persons living on Earth and those who have died, “a unity of faith, and love” that’s especially powerful as we celebrate the Eucharist. In Christ, we share a unity with the holy witnesses in Heaven that makes a real time difference for us now on Earth. How profound and  important to display visual reminders of our common human substance in the relics of the Saints.

We’ve been encouraged in this Year of Faith, to create a “culture of witness” so our presence to others and the example and  presence  of the Saints can encourage conversion and greater love of God in others. We need to connect the Saints to the reality of our own lives so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel in the spiritual life. By exploring the ordinary details of the life of a Saint, we can see how grace impacted them, and likewise, how grace may move and heal us today.

Our online, interactive retreat, Saints of the New Evangelization,which we offer every third Wednesday, of every month from 12-1 PM CST, will explore Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur, a 20th Century woman whose diary inspired her atheist husband, Felix, to reconnect to Catholicism and become a Dominican priest. Father Felix Leseur gave Bl. Bishop Sheen some yearly retreats. To register for this quick spiritual shot in the arm, go to, registration page. Read a description of the retreat with this blog under Upcoming Events. Start your process of growing in holiness and mission in the World this month by logging into our online retreat center with your computer, your IPhone, or IPads ~Mary


  1. not this month but I Will soon,…this article was fascinating. I will pass the news around via my blog

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