Posted by: wordofthevine | April 24, 2013

The Power of Living the Eucharist!

Mary Ann Kuharski

Mary Ann Kuharski

Mary Jo Copeland

Mary Jo Copeland

In this moment, His Holiness invites all to intensify their life of prayer, making the Eucharist the true center of Christian communities, where prayer and thanksgiving stimulate a renewed evangelizing commitment of ecclesial communion. May all baptized draw from the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar copious spiritual energies to build an ever more just and reconciled world, in keeping with the message of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

These words of Pope Francis bring  two wonderful women to my mind, Mary Ann Kuharski, founder of Prolife Across America and Mary Jo Copeland, founder of Sharing and Caring Hands. I interviewed both women in the Twin Cities, St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN as part of my thesis for the Masters in Theology. Both women have made a huge impact in their communities and beyond, including my own life and family.

From Mary Ann Kuharski’s bio we read:

Mary Ann is an author and speaker on life and family. She is a founding member and has been President
of PROLIFE Across AMERICA since 1989, known as “The Billboard People” for its positive and
persuasive educational outreach. In 2012, they sponsored over 1000 radio ads and 6500 billboards in 44
states across America.

Mary Jo Copeland is called by “the people on the streets of Minneapolis call her their “street mother.” City officials call her “an extraordinary leader” and an “urban saint.”  She feeds thousands of homeless daily with the help of volunteers, has transitional housing for over 500 people, runs a teen and child centers.

What an amazing list of accomplishments for these two women. What is most impressive however may not be so obvious. Both women energize their service by at least two hours of Eucharistic adoration or prayer before the Blessed Sacrament daily and daily Mass. They epitomize the words of Pope Francis to live lives of intense prayer, and lives grounded and energized by the Eucharist. Love exudes from both women, the love of Jesus that has revolutionized their lives and the lives of all they meet.

I am personally eternally grateful especially to Mary Ann Kuharshi. In 1996, she spoke to the moms group where I was a member  I had 5 small preschool children or younger and found my patience waning . She spoke about the power of Sacramental confession. I returned to the Sacrament of Reconciliation after 15 years absence. What a key! Sacramental confession, daily Mass and regular prayer transformed my parenting.

How can you incorporate more intense prayer in your own life, and how can you ground it in the Eucharist. The World needs more “urban and country saints”! ~ Mary

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