Posted by: wordofthevine | May 22, 2013

To be a Living Cross


To be a “living Cross” means to be Jesus, to take on His deepest desires as our own and to approach the World with His priorities. Is this possible you ask, you ask with almost the same aghast as the Virgins response, “How can this be, for I do not know man?” Both you and Mary are speaking to the same person, the Holy Spirit. To be a “living Cross” is to be under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit, who forms us in Jesus.

Notice in this last statement, I did not say to form Jesus in us, but us in Jesus. The path to intimate renewal in the Holy Spirit, is to allow the action of life to empty us of anything that can present an obstacle for us to be immersed in the living presence of Jesus, like Mother Teresa described “as a drop in the infinite ocean of God.” We don’t seek the Cross but we are to learn to use it well, for our sanctification, when it comes to us. Probably the best crosses are those that bring us to love those that are difficult to love, the people who hurt us, ignore us and the like. Today, accept and use well, the ordinary, yet extraordinary moments, when you have to extend yourself to others in a loving way when you don’t feel like it. These are divine invitations, and openings into grace that bring you one step closer to being a “living Cross.”  Keep your eternal perspective! When you review your life, you will treasure these “divine opportunities” that helped you purify your heart and become a living drop of Christ’s precious blood in the ocean of His Heart!  (Now, as I go to sort laundry, I can feel God’s gift to me!) ~Mary


  1. thnak you so much for sharing this, it is just what I needed today! You do not know how well it does to my soul. Thanks God for your writings!

  2. […] suffering or the cross is the only step to rise to loving charity.” Because God wants an active response of love from us from the inside out, the cross nearly always accompanies love and each virtue helps us bear […]

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