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More on Being a Living Cross

Concepcion and the Living Cross of the Apostolate of the Cross

Concepcion and the Living Cross of the Apostolate of the Cross

Daily life has many wonderful opportunities to develop the capacity to be a living cross, to be offered for others at a cost to ourselves. Maybe you’re like me. You may be married to a wonderful man or woman (if you’re a man), but to a partner that is opposite to you. My husband and I have a weekly tradition to attend daily Mass on Tuesdays and then go out to coffee together for some sharing and community. I have to watch that I don’t over talk, and he has to push himself to share his thoughts and feelings. Sometimes he looks across the table at me and doesn’t say a thing, waiting for me to bring up the topic. Today was one of those days of quiet presence. Sometimes I handle it well, other times I feel frustrated and say, like today, “John Kaufmann, what is going on inside of your beautiful brain?” He replies, “Finances, or what my day holds…” Our different needs for communication and sharing are often the context of my daily offering for my husband, our kids, the priests/seminarians and others that I pray for. This is an example of life as a living cross.

Carmen Martinez, a member of the national council for the Apostleship of the Cross, the lay association that is part of Venerable Concepcion Cabrera’s Works of the Cross, shares words to Ven. Concepcion that Concepcion recorded in her journal on being a living cross. Concepcion helps us know how to be a self-offering or priestly person:

To be living Crosses with Christ is the call of the priestly people. The Lord says to Conchita: “I was the first living Cross and my mother next to me. We are the living models that everyone should emulate.” (CC. 5, 118-119) “What did I want to represent with this Cross of the Apostolate? Nothing less than what I would desire my living crosses to be.” (CC. 6,72). – The Cross of the Apostolate represents the living image of the living crosses…who should be consumed and divinized only in God.” (CC. 6,255). Could we be the image or the representation of the Cross of the Apostolate, as the Lord, asked Conchita? I believe with purity of heart and the help of the Holy Spirit we can.

The Cross of the Apostolate of the Cross is a large wooden Cross, with the heart of Jesus in the center. Inside the heart is a small cross that represents the intimate sufferings of the heart of Jesus, a heart that yearned for connection and love with our hearts. Surrounding this large wooden cross is a sphere of fiery light that represents the Holy Spirit. The Cross represents the mystery of the death and Resurrection of Jesus. Our crosses, especially the intimate crosses of our hearts, bring us into the mystery of God’s transforming and fiery love in the Holy Spirit!

Where, when and what in your life, could you offer as an intimate sacrifice of your heart? In this light, you too, like Concepcion, can experience the power of new life within that redeems and sanctifies your everyday moment into a moment of eternity! ~Mary


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