Posted by: wordofthevine | June 7, 2013

The Reality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

SacredHeartFlameI’m in Colorado celbrating my daughter, Sarah’s graduation from graduate school. We set out for Look out Mountain and the Mother Francis Cabrini Shrine with high hopes. The fog rolled in thick for when we arrived at the Shrine of Mother Cabrini’s we could see nothing across the mountainside. Mother Cabrini had a beautiful devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the center of Jesus’ tenderness towards us and the source of living water , His graces to us.  We followed the signs and climbed the stairs  at the shrine, not knowing where they would take us because of the thick fog.  We climbed 300 steps to find a giant white statue of Jesus and His Sacred Heart at the very top of a small mountain peak. It had been a favorite reflection point of Mother Cabrini herself.

As an elderly woman, climbing to that very site using a cane, Mother Cabrini had arranged some beautiful rocks in the form of the Sacred Heart at the very base of this Statue. Hobbling around the base of this mountain one day, during a drought, Mother Cabrini , tapping some red rocks, she shouted to her companions, “Dig here for water!” From that moment, water started bubbling up from that very spot. The miraculous healings, from drinking this water, continue today.

Many times we don’t recognize the reality of Jesus and His ever present love for us. It is like we are stumbling around in a fog, when we could be regularly approaching Him, the source of living water, and experiencing His healing, loving presence with us.

I have found a practical strategy for living in the balming presence of Jesus and His Sacred Heart. I turn my awareness, my consciousness towards Him, when I think about it and let my affection for Him to swell my heart. I send up a valentine from my heart to Him, like an insta-gram from me to Him, telling Him how much I love Him. I can’t help but think that this simple gesture of loving Faith is pleasing to Him. It also really grounds me so the ups and downs of traveling long hours in the car with 5 kids hasn’t got me down! How could you make your love for Jesus a living reality in your own life? ~ Mary


  1. I love your analogy of the quick prayer being like an insta-gram to Jesus…that has got to make Him smile!! This was a beautiful story – thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the analogy of the quick prayer being like an Insta-gram to Jesus. That has got to make Him smile! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

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