Posted by: wordofthevine | June 11, 2013

Attention to God and the Examination of Conscience


I traveled home from vacation twelve hours with my family, my knees to the dashboard and drips from the ice chest in my lap. I was delighted when we sped past a field of sunflowers. Their color was amazing. My kids were oblivious.  I looked towards the back seat to see them each with ear buds jammed in their ears. Rather than outbursts over sharing books and toys, as in bygone years, my teenagers were quiet, listening to music or checking facebook on their phones. I had to shout,whoo who  and wave my arms to engage them. I think that is how God has had to interact with me at times. I hate to admit this. I can get so busy doing, that my mind doesn’t pause to hear and listen to Him.

For me, this trip was different. God graced me. I felt the intermittent grace of the Holy Spirit nudging me to throw open my heart towards God in a passionate aspiration. He showed me the power of the wink of my soul towards God. It’s the power of the practice of “Loving Attention” to God. It can be practiced simply by asking for the grace to keep God in your view through the day. Start the day with the desire to live in sync with God. Cultivate a capacity to have some interior quiet so you can live from that place of heart where God is with you. The spiritual writers call this quiet place of heart the inner cloister

In the hub bub of daily life, we can learn to recognize the waves of feelings, and interior states that flutter inside us and sweep us away from this quiet, centered place of heart. Bring your fears, anxieties, low feelings to God, into His light. Learn to exercise your will to reject going with these inner distractions.

Each night review your day. How often did you turn your gaze towards God, even for a fleeting second? How quiet was your inner landscape so you could sense God with you and guiding you? When we practice the virtues, like humility, we experience a lot less interior disturbances. If I admit it, much of my inner ruffling comes when I’m not included, go unnoticed or acclaimed. Doesn’t that sound like the life of a mom? Sometimes it seems like they don’t notice that you’re not there until the chips and frozen pizzas run out.

How could you settle down the disturbances in your life so you’re aware of God’s inspirations to you? Could you train yourself by intention to turn your thoughts and awareness towards God as you speed down the road of life? We want to be like sunflowers, always yearning for the light of Christ’s radiating love to us. ~ Mary


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