Posted by: wordofthevine | August 17, 2013

Elisabeth Leseur & Keeping that Eternal Perspective!

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It is important to form and keep an eternal perspective each day. By this, I mean, we need to cultivate an awareness of the supernatural dimensions of our most ordinary moments. We so easily get distracted! The words of Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur, French lay woman  (1866-1914) reveal the presence of this practical awareness of the breaking through of the Kingdom in the most ordinary seeming was!

Nevertheless, in spite of all of this, I am moving slowly towards the harbor like a boat tossing every which way on the waves, buffeted or gliding quickly along with the Master of the waves on board; and led by a bright star. I can see in the distance or near at hand, as God wills the safe haven where I will be united with him whom we love. How joyful that thought is! But after savoring it for a few moments, we must return to this world and continue to take up our daily responsibilities. 

Where is God asking you to “be united with him” and follow his will for you? ~ Mary

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