Posted by: wordofthevine | September 12, 2013

The Power of Yes!

IMG_0523I am once again in Guadalajara, Mexico in order to learn Spanish. This is a process definitely helpful to me in many ways, including growing in humility. Yesterday I walked past a woman along the sidewalk with no arms. She was crocheting a beautiful and very dainty doily with her feet. I am not adept with crafts at all and was amazed. It made me think of the miracle of God’s love for each of us. It is distinct, and passionate. It can take the little we can offer him, even our limitations, and make something above and beyond what we could do with our simple human resources. In this light, we have nothing to fear except holding back from God our all. I am trying to remember this when, tomorrow, I take an exam in Spanish along with a group of young “twenty somethings” los jovenes, as we say in Spanish.

Last night I was working with a couple of women in the parish here in Guadalajara, who deliver the Eucharist to the homebound. I did not recognize where I was at, when they went to take me home, until they went the exact wrong direction.  I did not know the words in Spanish for please turn around until I got home. Today I practiced,  da una vuelta so if it happens again, I can get home easier. What do we need to learn to say to God in our weaknesses so he can transform us? We say yes and take all, My Lord! What about you? What do you sense the Lord wishes that you surrender to Him, so he can gift you and you can become a gift to others, like the woman crocheting with her feet?

P.S. Please pray for me!


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