Posted by: wordofthevine | September 26, 2013

One Simple Choice Today!

martyrsbannerEveryday, for Eucharistic adoration, here in Guadalajara, MX, I have been walking to an ancient church, Our Lady of Mercy, near the historic central downtown area of the city after my Spanish classes a few blocks away. I often find quiet, private adoration time short, for a very common tradition here is for large public group Eucharistic adoration, with music and loud recited prayers. Don’t get me wrong; I join in frequently, for adoring Our Lord is an action of the community. After a morning immersed in Spanish however, I crave a few quiet minutes with Our Lord. When the adoration chapel is closed, I go to small, adjacent chapel, the chapel of the Mexican martyrs. Above the small altar sits a massive and very beautiful reliquary with a very visible piece of bone of each of the most well known martyrs. Also, each of these beautiful witnesses of the faith, has a plaque and painting describing their lives and martyrdom during the Mexican Revolution. They were prayerful, yet normal people who stepped up to the challenges of their day, during the 1920’s and before when the Mexican government tried to literally stamp out the Catholic Church. The government stopped all public worship and killed priests, nuns, and devote lay people because they held God and His priorities above secular benefits. At this time, too, they confiscated monasteries and Church buildings. Even today in Mexico, many of the confiscated Church buildings remain in the hands of the Government which considers it still illegal for a Catholic priest to wear clerical garb in public.

I love this chapel at Our Lady of Mercy for I feel enveloped by their holy present there. I want their love for God and their unflappable acceptance of the demands of faith to rub off on me. I want to be like them from the inside out, so that no matter what comes, my life can witness to the very real presence of Jesus alive among us. I want his presence to be more and more apparent in me, for He can do amazing things through ordinary people.

Read the stories of the Mexican martyrs. They were prayerful people: men, many of them young priests and seminarians, religious sisters, lay women and men, who in many ways were like you and me! They had to train themselves to be prayerful amidst the distractions, with one simple choice to love at a time.

What about you? Have you ever realized that there are people, in rather recent times, less than 100 years ago, that gave their lives to love Our Lord? What’s one habit or one simple action each day that could manifest your love for God? ~ Mary

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