Posted by: wordofthevine | November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving- a time for family, a time for gratitude!

Happy Thanksgivingthanksgiving! If you are like me, you have been cooking since 5:30 AM, pies, the Bird etc.
If you want substance of soul and a little break, take a minute to thank God for the example of others in your life, friends, family members, even if they are not with you this holiday. Sometimes, I don’t spend enough time in gratitude for how God has planted love around me. Yes, sometimes this comes through the Cross and I often don’t recognize this as a loving action by God for my sanctification and of others; but nonetheless,love is there.

Even this Thanksgiving, when two of my four siblings had arranged to celebrate together and didn’t think that I and my family would want to come, I felt hurt and then spoke up. Sometimes with a big family, others think that you have enough togetherness with just yourselves and they don’t want to bother you to join them. How false, for big families are just used to having an open door and the more the merrier. I am really aware of the forces that form community, the dynamics of not leaving anyone out, so I spoke up and welcomed the whole wider family to my house. They did not have any bad will. We had poor communication when we were arranging the holiday. Now I have 22 people coming to my house in several hours. The secret to getting along in a big family is to”let go and let God,” speak up when you can, welcome others, faults and all, and just plain get out of the way of God. Lose yourself in Him, and let Him love others through you.

Now, this holiday, we are missing several people who have died, like my father, Don Gannon, who has been gone for 15 years. His example still percolates through my mind. For more, check out the post:  How Does the Need to Control Hamper Our Spiritual LIves on Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction. ~ Mary

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