Posted by: wordofthevine | December 3, 2013

Joy to the World, The Lord is Coming!

Jesus-in-the-Manger-610x351I hope that you are sitting down as you read this for I am sharing a most profound excerpt from Priests of Christ, a newly translated work in English. I am reviewing it before it goes to the publisher. It is the written work of Venerable Concepcion Cabrera (1862-1937), a lay woman, a mystic and a spiritual writer. Concepcion received insights into the mystery of the interior of the Heart of Jesus and of the Priesthood. He spoke to her that in our time, now, He wishes to usher in a new Pentecost of the Heart by animating each of us in the Church with His living essence. He wants to bring the mystery of the Incarnation alive in our lives, through the Sacraments which the ordained offer us.

He told her, “God has in His Being the tendency of communicating Himself, of diffusing Himself, of disseminating His beauty, of not being one but three in one. Since God is always God, diffusive charity, and communicable unity, He tends, Like the flames of a great fire, to set others ablaze with love, to render them happy with His joy, holy with His holiness, eternally blessed with His infinite beatitude. ”

We want to keep this mind boggling reality in the forefront when we go to Mass, to approach what we have become accustomed to, with new eyes of Faith. Like I admonish my teenagers, as we pray as a family, “Believe, really believe that this is a life altering encounter with the living God.” If we can muster just a little Faith, we can enter this great flame of fire that will set us ablaze with the radiating love of Jesus. We will be truly filled with the real joy of the Season! ~ Mary

Join us to hear more as we offer the second meditation of the online Advent Retreat on Dec. 8, 2013, 4-5:30 PM, CST. For information, go to the Incarnate Institute website.

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