Posted by: wordofthevine | December 24, 2013

Let Mary Help you Prepare for Christmas


As we approach this holy celebration of Christ’s birth, I ask you, “What are we laying up in our hearts (Luke 1:66),” like the onlookers of John the Baptist, the shepherds and Mary? We want to welcome Jesus through our lives and especially today and tomorrow, like Mary. She will teach us how to be Christmas people.’

She shows us how to have the Holy Spirit overshadow us, how to blessed and let our spirit’s rejoice.If we believe from the heart, “Blessed will we be that what was shared with you. Let your spirit magnify the Lord and let Him bless you and do mighty things through you, for He exalts the lowly and fills the hungry. He visits His people to redeem us and speaks and helps us.he Baptist, the shepherds and Mary near Christ. We want to be like Mary as we approach Christmas, “pondering everything in our hearts.” That way, like the shepherds, we can hear of the mysteries of Christ’s birth personally. And, the Holy Spirit will come upon us.

He does this if we remember and ponder His mercy, no matter what we are struggling with. He leads us to rejoicing as “highly favored ones! He places His hand on us for we are to serve Him without fear, to be holy and people of right judgement. Let us be inspired by the Holy Spirit to be who and where the Lord wills us to be! Merry Christmas, fellow pilgrims!~ Mary

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