Posted by: wordofthevine | January 10, 2014

Being the Feet and Hands of Jesus!


As we explore living in the Holy Spirit and loving others through His influence of us, I turn now to a beautiful poem by Annie Johnson Flint.


Christ has not hands but our hands, to do His work today;He has no feet but our feet, to lead men in His way; He hano tongue but our tongues, To tell men how He died; He has no help but our help, to bring them to His side. We are the only Bible, the careless world will read; we are the sinner’s gospel, we are the scoffer’s creed; we are the Lord’s last message, given in deed and word- what if the line is crooked? What if the type is blurred? What if our hands are busy with other work than His? What if our feet are walking where sin’s allurement is? What if our tongues are speaking of things His lips would spurn? How can we hope to help Him unless from Him we learn? 

Meditate on these words in your prayer and consider also what a key player in Vatican II’s,  Cardinal Suenens said in “Charismatic Renewal and Social Action: A Dialogue,”  a little known book he wrote with Dom Helder Camara in 1979. Suenens wrote, “Humanly speaking, we are not capable of loving many people beyond the narrow circle of our family and friends. The human heart is too weak to beat in tune with all the sufferings of men. We are truly living our Christianity, in all its beauty, when we love our brothers (and sisters), not only with our poor hearts, but with the very heart of God.” Our call is to cultivate intimacy with the living reality of the Heart of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. This will make a difference.  With a few on-fire Christians, the Lord could renew the World! What about you; where is God inducing you to exert and effect and who is He drawing you to love, beyond yourself? Make some new resolutions to be attentive to God this day!

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