Posted by: wordofthevine | January 20, 2014

True Devotion to the Holy Spirit:

What do we mean by “true devotion to the Holy Spirit?” Servant of God, Luis MartinezMartinez shares with us that, “True devotion to the Holy Spirit is a loving and constant  cooperation with His divine influence.” We do this by recognizing that the Holy Spirit is closer to us than our own breath and by learning to step out in faith in His guidance of us in the ordinary circumstances of our life, no matter how imperfect we may be.

Martinez continues, “We are to open our eyes for Him to dwell there, to dilate our heart that He may anoint it with his divine charity, to deliver our whole being up to Him that he may possess it with His gifts, to give Him our life that He may transform it into a divine one.” We open our eyes to Him by directing our attention to Him with the glance of our awareness. When we start something new, encounter something that is difficult or beautiful, we worship Him by placing ourselves in our limitations before Him.

I was considering the words of Martinez,”We are to put into His hands the shapeless block of our imperfection that He may mold it to the divine image of Jesus” when I was preparing to celebrate the Mass one Sunday. I had undertaken some new, time consuming ministry activities, and had some family demands. I was irritable inside and saw quite clearly my own limited love of others. This day I was to offer a retreat later on the Holy Spirit. I felt incapable but then my mind wondered to the truth, that I am strong in the Lord, when I live in an awareness of my own weaknesses. Then, the Holy Spirit can be more in me. In this awareness, I offered the retreat on the Holy Spirit later that day. It was the best experience and retreat for me and those hearing me, for I was more out of the way and not relying on my own ability.  I couldn’t do it on my own, but I could when the Holy Spirit had more room to inspire and move me for others.  True devotion is knowing ourselves as we are, and allowing the Holy Spirit to make us fit and ready to serve God through His loving presence with us. ~ Mary




  1. Encountering the difficult and beautiful… very thought provoking! thank you~

  2. I find myself anxious for the Holy Spirit to mold me into the vessel He chooses. I must be patient, step back and let Him work in this weak child of God.

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