Posted by: wordofthevine | January 27, 2014

The Holy Spirit: the feel good love of God?

SometimeBeneath-the-Crosss we may think of the Holy Spirit as the “feel good” force. He brings spiritual consolation, the Seven Gifts that make us holy and our charisms. He also implants in us the capacity for good action, the virtues. We may have seen old videos on Youtube of the Charismatic Renewal, where people are praying exuberantly with their hands raised.  The Holy Spirit is powerful and a great gift. Jesus knew this when he told us that this was The Advocate.

What we often fail to connect to this is that the Holy Spirit is the living love of God, actually the Love between the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the person that brings Jesus to peculate us through and through with the living presence of Jesus. He makes us resemble Jesus more and more, which leads us to what we often avoid. The Holy Spirit, in all his power, love and exuberance, leads us to the Cross. We all are destined to resemble the crucified savor, Jesus.

What are we to do with this awareness of the Holy Spirit? When the cold wind of life confronts us, as it is doing in Iowa today, we are to recognize that the Holy Spirit is at work. God doesn’t cause suffering and difficulties. He just allows them and then gifts us to endure and grow through them. Time is short and the path that Jesus followed is the only way towards Heaven!

Write and tell me how this post impacts you today. We can all learn from each other! ~ Mary

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