Posted by: wordofthevine | March 29, 2014

An Acorn for Jesus

Lately, I have been writing on the “Chain of Love.” To be honest, this is realtime fruit of my own spiritual journey. I have been reading and reflecting on the principles of spiritual growth contained in the fourteen principles of the “Chain of Love” for many yacorn-necklace1ears because I just couldn’t seem to put them together concretely as something to be lived. I kept asking, “How do I do this?” They are the fruit of mystical union between Jesus and Venerable Concepción Cabrera. What difference can they make in my journey.

Lots! They show us that God is calling us to commune with Him, to clear away any obstacles to finding Him with us, in us and between us. God wants to capture us hook, line and sinker, to use a fishing example. He wants us to find in our human limits, an invitation to let go of our selfish clingings to find find ourselves securely embraced by His providence. He wants us to draw our lives into a synthesis where everything, even our limits can lead us to surrender more, to receive more. He wants to help us cultivate the soil of our lives so we can grow from “acorns” into full blown oak trees.  Download a copy of the fourteen principles of the “Chain of Love” from and pray along with us as we explore them in the next several posts. ~ Mary

Golden Links of Love


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