Posted by: wordofthevine | May 2, 2014

The Sacred Heart is the Holy Eucharist!

Servant of God, Father John Hardon, S.J. spent many hours before the Blessed Sacrament. He wrote talks and books there, conversing with adoremonJesus as he worked. Hhardon-facee wrote: “The Sacred Heart is the Holy Eucharist. He said, “Why do we say that?” We begin by saying that “the Sacred Heart signifies Christ’s love in three ways: God is love, God is loving and God loves with human feeling.” He describes that through the Eucharist, the incarnation of Jesus is not time bound. Jesus is there with a human heart, mind and soul, as someone who is tender to us and who feels. He desires, loves and inspires us through the Eucharist. He “brings us into being and also brings us into being as creatures who are capable of love. God loves with human feeling, wit human emotion, human sensibilities and human sensitivity.”Father Hardon describes that “God in the Holy Eucharist is man indeed, but with all the supreme sensitivity. Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is is a sensitive Christ. And, the Holy Eucharist is the whole Christ with His human heart.”

What are we to do with these beautiful words of Father Hardon? We are to act on them by going before the Blessed Sacrament, Our Jesus and share our hearts, our experiences, our joys, sorrows and needs. He awaits us with boundless graces that are ours just by asking. We are to return this sensitive human/divine love of Christ with our human love. We do this in faith for by doing so, we can live and love extended outward in Christ’s love thorough us. We are to do , what Father Hardon suggests: “By totally and constantly conforming, submitting and surrendering our lives to Him. This is the sacrifice  God wants of us during our lives; allowing Him to move our wills. Every moment of our lives, then, is a providential expression of God’s love for us, inviting us to respond no matter what the cost is to ourselves.”

How can you begin to slip into the Church to console the Heart of Jesus? When, today, can you call out to Him with the ordinary seeming pleas for insight, help or love?  Many times we underestimate the power of these everyday moments, when offered to the love of God become contemplative encounters and offerings? Act today and become resplendent in the love of God!~ Mary

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