Posted by: wordofthevine | June 18, 2014

The Power of Suffering with Jesus

Let me say that I am sorry! I have not added new content to this blog for a while. We are in the season of weddings in my1380449_10200730437448314_225844702_n household with two daughters being married in June and July this summer. From now on, I will be attentive to this site as I am finding my head above water now.

Have you ever suffered inside when a friend does something that hurts you? This was me a short time ago. A family friend that I have not seen for several years and who lives a few states away had arranged to visit us when he was coming to Iowa for work. During a phone call, when he had not mentioned anything about this visit, I asked him about it. Yes, he was coming to Iowa, but no, he would not be available for the visit because of how the schedule worked out. At the time, I felt the sting of disappointment, but I was able to move with it and respond matter a fact with it.

It was only when I was trying to fall asleep that I could tell I was more deeply bothered about it. I was disappointed and hurt.Weren’t we important to him to work in some time for a visit. I just seemed to lay there and note this and ask Jesus to share in this with me. While this helped me, it was not until, I asked Jesus to unite this interior rub with his own that things changed. I turned to Jesus and said to him, this also happened to you, Lord. Take this and use it with your own pain for I know that many people everyday probably are occupied and unavailable to you. You have a tender heart too! Wow! The pain lifted and I felt a new and surprising release from this interior broil. Now, we have to be careful not to “spiritualize” our feelings, but when we use them and discover the truth of the Gospel through these human responses, it builds our faith and deepens our union with Jesus. Our struggles can be door ways to deeper realities.

Where have you struggled lately? I encourage you to share this with Jesus, bring it into his gaze on you and feel him with you in it. Too, go the extra step too, surrender the pain to him for he gladly accepts everything we give him and especially our intimate human struggles. He thirst for this union with us!The Cross is a very real reality in each of our lives and when we know how to engage it here and now, can be an ongoing source of renewal in our lives. Embrace yours today! ~Mary


  1. I want to thank you for this. I have been struggling with this very topic and your words gave me my solution.

  2. Please explain what you mean when you say, “we have to be very careful not to “spiritualized” our feelings”?

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