Posted by: wordofthevine | June 22, 2014

Developing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in us!

Maybe it is because I have been working and planting in my large garden that this line from Servant of God, Archbishop Luis Martinez jumped out at me, or madancing-with-godybe God was giving me a little nudge to be more intentional in the spiritual life. He wrote, “It is obvious that the spiritual gifts do not develop to the same degree and with the same perfection in all souls, any more than do the virtues. Like the virtues, the spiritual gifts are vital seeds that need to be cultivated.

How do we cultivate these gifts, of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, good counsel, awe, fortitude, and piety? We try to encounter the Lord with us and guiding us to live with his priorities…to love when he would love, to be empty of selfishness and flexible when our preferences are put aside. We practice good choices in the midst of obstacle, which means we grow in the virtues and in our ability to love when it challenges as well as enriches us. We also grow in moving in the way of Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, when we practice following through with the inspirations of the Holy Spirit when they come to us.

My husband is in formation for the permanent diaconate in the Archdiocese of Dubuque. He just completed pastoral education at the hospital. One day he walked into the pastoral care office and saw a stack of bibles. He felt the Holy Spirit nudge him to take a bible with him. At each room, he turned to the Lord and asked, “Do I leave the bible here?” The Lord kept moving in his heart to say no, until the last room on his list to visit. There he felt the Lord say, “Now go in there. Here is where you leave the bible.” John went in, sat down at the bedside and listened to the woman and her concerns, something, in his quiet manner, he is really good at. Almost at the end of the session, “The woman piped up and said, “You know, I really want to read my bible, but I left mine at home.” John was able to hand her the bible and share the story of how the Holy Spirit had nudged him. We want to follow, and  not discount, those seemingly ordinary, yet extra-ordinary inspirations.  Where has the Holy Spirit been nudging you? ~ Mary


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