Posted by: wordofthevine | November 4, 2014

My Favorite Teacher

Carols cross of  conchita

Sometimes we get stuck in our heads when it comes to experiencing God. We need to explore the Arts like painting or poetry, to find God in beauty, to find Him anew. A poem from a close friend of mine, Carol Wild, an artist and a writer, really brought this fact home to me. One of her most recent poems is called My Favorite Teacher. She teaches us that it is in the little things that surround us, that speak to us about God and His love for us.  If we are too busy, we miss Him breaking through our day. (This is a beautiful painting by Carol Wild to pray and meditate with while you read her poem below!)

My Favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher, I believe, is not a him or her, a person, place of thing that makes my heart begin to stire

But all of these when day begins and beckons me to learn to leave the past behind and to the future turn.

I open to the little things that make my heart to thrill,

The seeds of new tomorrows in the present rock or hill.

When I think about the teachers, who have helped to form me now,

I realize that those who mattered most, taught me how to plow.

I learned to work in every way I could within my means;

it was my mother and my father who nurtured all my dreams!

My family dear taught me to love and showed me how to live

within the family I shared then; they taught me to forgive.

The Mercy Love which I received through out my whole life long

taught me to sing and look within each trial for a song.

I sing because I was shown how; there are some folks who still

need to know it is In Hard Times, we are taught to seek God’s will.

So little things are all around and teach me everyday

that everything speaks of God’s Own Love!

He teaches me to pray!

Copyrighted Carol Wild, Oct. 21, 2014

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