Posted by: wordofthevine | November 11, 2014

Say: ‘This is My Body, This is My Blood!’

Sometimes we ne1239396193f5Mn22ed a new perspective to catch a glimpse of what we are called to. I belong to a weekly faith sharing group that is reading a beautiful, yet packed short work by Venerable Concepcion Cabrera, called Irresistibly Drawn to the Eucharist. Venerable Concepcion, a wife, a mother of 9 kids and widow who lived during the Mexican Revolution in the 20th Century, lived a profound life of union with God. While she often complained to Jesus that He did not make her either a priest or a religious because He gave her so many insights into the priesthood and the profound call of the consecrated religious, she shows us the profound holiness that God calls each of us to. While she was a mystic, or someone living an ordinary life that is punctuated with transparent moments of revelation, she shows us what we can live too. She shows us how Jesus invites each of us to live the Mass in the ins and outs of our lives to transform the world with His love.

In the quiet folds of her heart, Venerable Concepcion received the words of Jesus, words we can meditate on and let them bring us new life. Jesus said to her one day: “Is it strange that I should wish and ask souls that are joined to me to say to the Father,’This is my body, this is my blood,’ with the condition, of course, that their body and blood are pure or purified, victims ( people able to offer their lives to this) of the same sacrifice as mine, with the same loving aims. If only the Church and  Christians would really form one body with mine, one blood with mine! The world would change beyond recognition and the Father would e greatly gloried. I want this nucleus of souls to continue my Passion on earth and cry out to heaven in union with me as pure Hosts: ‘This is my body, this is my blood!

What about you? Gather up the joys, the sacrifices for everything can be joined to Him as gift to make a difference in the world. We are not seeking pain, only to love widely, generously even those who are not easy to love. Let us follow through with developing the graces of our lives from Baptism and other Sacraments. Let us find him in living our present situations in pure love of Him. ~ Mary


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