Posted by: wordofthevine | November 17, 2014

Radiating Christ! This is Our Calling!

Have you ever wondered if you radiate Christ? With six kids, from high school students to young adults, I often wonder this. On any given day, afamily2t least one or two connect with us, and seem like they are moving towards God, and for at least one, I am praying for and concerned about somethings. I guess this is to keep me from getting cocky or prideful. I remember watching a certain large family at Church. All of their kids complied with what they were told, and all of them still seem quite pious. We all have been forming our kids, but ours have always been ones that pushed back and asked why. Even now, the young adults in our family, their practice of Catholicism is on their own terms and not mine. I have come to see that I radiate Christ better, not when I try to appear perfect, but when I show my trust in God’s providence. This often comes when I weather the challenges with prayer.

I came to this after one of my kids told me that I was out of touch. One of his friend’s parents were so open, they would drink and even get drunk with their young adults. This brought me to share, well, that wouldn’t happen with me. There is the way of holiness and the way of the world. Which path are you seeking? I guess I felt glad this kid shared with me, but I pray that God will allow him to feel the consequences if he chooses this path for now. Now I am praying that my daily Rosary for him will be like a magnet that draws him to holiness and God. There are many pulls out there.

You may ask, “Well, why are you sharing this? Isn’t it better to share shining stories of your families piety? My answer is Yes! Life, however, down here is in process. We have to know how to rejoice and how, at the same time, to buckle down and intercede for others. Another kid called this week praising God and how He had provided her husband with a new job and herself with a letter of acceptance to graduate school.

We can find in family life the ways and means to grow towards God, that is, if we take the risks to share with others both our joys and our struggles. Let us pray for each other and our families and share the ups and downs.  We radiate Christ to each other when we do this, for He loves us in our joys and is attracted to us in our needs and worries.~ Mary

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