Posted by: wordofthevine | November 28, 2014

Thoughts for Thanksgiving

Today in the United States we thanksgiving-2014have celebrated Thanksgiving Day, a huge tradition of thanksgiving, family and celebration. While there is big diversity around the components of the meal, depending on your family background, turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie are typical foods. Something else is to gather with family and friends to enjoy their company and say thank you to God for his blessings and presence with us. Most parishes offer the Mass today!

I really enjoyed the holiday today, as we hosted twenty people at the house. What I also thank God is that we all gathered together, talked and enjoyed the time. Some holidays, I have gotten sensitive and sometimes let little resentments or feelings of hurt feelings needle me. Not today! You know, family is a great and human experience.

Today, I kept thinking about Saint Ignatius’ exercise of learning to find and praise God to “attain the love of God in all things.” A line from the Spiritual Exercises really touched me and formed my mission today, carving turkey and cutting pie. The spiritual exercise reads: “I will ponder with great affection how much God, our Lord has done for me, and how much He has given me of what He possesses, and finally, how much, as far as He can, the same Lord desires to give Himself to me according to His divine decrees. I will then consider that I need to offer the Divine Majesty. I will then make a total offering of myself to God (Puhl, LJ 234).”

Ask yourself, even if you haven’t been in the USA today and celebrated Thanksgiving Day: how much God has done for you. Learn to praise Him in all situations to find Him in all things. Surrender yourself to Him, into His arms, so you aren’t left to your own resources. Where can you start today? ~Mary

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