Posted by: wordofthevine | January 10, 2015

The Rhythm of Joy & Sorrow in Farm Life

 As a wife of a farmer, I take comfort in knowing that the weariness and suffering, toil and disappointment…united with the cross, will bring peace and
In northeast Iowa where we live and work, we have seen three years of below average crops.  Not at the fault of something we have done.  You can put the same amount of time, energy and resources into a year on the farm and the results are never be the same.  Why would someone want to do something that is such a gamble in one of the most dangerous occupations.  Because, the rewards are great.  You have the opportunity to see God at work in real big ways, everyday.  And you have the opportunity to be the hands of God to others; to let God work through you.

The rhythm of sorrow and joy that ran through the life of Christ are also present on the farm.  In the middle of darkness, storms and danger, God is always present.

When Peter was beckoned to walk on water, the stormy winds and water distracted him from Jesus.  It was then that he began to sink.  For the farmer, it is the hail that wipes out a crop, multiple feet of snow that stands between them and the daily chores or low prices that do not cover the input costs let alone their labor.  It is easy to loose focus and not trust in the Lord.
So where is the joy that keeps a farmer getting up in the morning?  Standing in the middle of God’s creation when the sun rises…seeing nothing but his Glory and gifts around you.  The beauty left behind when the dust and grime of the week is washed away by a much needed shower. The knowledge that you have been a much needed blessing to the neighbor’s widow after harvesting his crop.
Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs will be the kingdom of God. ~ Brenda Schmitt, Co-founder of Word of the Vine

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