Posted by: wordofthevine | January 27, 2015

Finding the Love of God on the Farm…

God did not relieve His son’s suffering.  He did not remove the cross…but instead, transformed His son’s death into new life.

At times when despair creeps into your life because of the challenges of everyday life…market prices on the farmsunlight farm drop below the actual value, a building of market weight pigs die or an entire crops is wiped out due due to natural disaster…remember to turn to Jesus and offer your cross…ask him to intercede for you.
When I look back over my life at the times that seemed so dark, I remember the great joy, the love I felt from my Father, when the worst is over.  It makes God and His son SO real for me.  Had I not had the cross to bear, and the opportunity to be so weak and in need of Gods help and Jesus intercessions, I would never had the opportunity to see the miracles God works in my life.  Never had the chance to know such great joy.  Never had the chance to feel His love and strength.  It also gives me confidence the next time darkness enters my life.  I will always know that He is there protecting, guiding and helping me carry my cross.
Trusting and letting go…letting God work in our life is hard.  Especially when the outcome is not what I expected or wanted.  Then again though, given time, (God’s time), I always see the greater good that comes from the cross…personal growth in spirit, or faith…hope for others who witness my cross…the list of possible outcomes is limitless and not always visible to us.
I once heard a saying…be Christ to all you meet.  Sometimes that includes carrying a cross; making a sacrifice.  There are many opportunities to do just that, on the farm. ~ Brenda

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