Posted by: wordofthevine | March 22, 2015

This Lent, How to Live the Cross!

We need to finCatherine of Siena and Jesusd the Cross a concrete reality from our own experience rather than an abstract concept that we read about or consider with our heads only. We don’t seek suffering and we emphasize the joy of the Christian walk and way of life, yet, the Cross comes to us. For me, the mother of a big family, the Cross comes walking to me with size 13 feet sometimes. I have teenagers, and while I love them, sometimes I suffer along with them in their ups and downs of life. It is like that when we care about others. We carry their burdens as well as our own.

Rather than waste this unavoidable suffering, we want to know how to cultivate it as a spiritual good, to obtain graces for others as well as our Church. We want to recognize our Crosses, for we each have a unique walk or journey and specific kind of Crosses. The Lord know how best to bring about our transformation into Him and he generously shares costly graces that come to us as challenges, suffering, temptations, experiences of our own faults or the faults of others. He does this not because He desires that we suffer, for He suffers along with us, but because He loves us enough to bring out our greatest goodness. When we recognize our Crosses, come to accept them and learn to love others in the midst of them, we grow more like Him. Life is short and He wants us to be formed with hearts like His.

Think about it. Next time you get your feelings hurt, someone slights you, gossips about you or overlooks you to connect with someone else, offer the pain for them. In a wink of an eye, turn to the Lord, share the moment with Him in your mind/heart, and ask Him to bring graces to that person. We are not talking any sustained prayer for our enemies, just a snap of a prayer that shows a greater freedom of heart to pray for those that hurt us. Try it and see if you experience greater peace in the midst of challenges and challenging people. ~ Mary

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