Posted by: wordofthevine | March 29, 2015

Preparing for Holy Week?

When we think about it, if we want to go deeper in the spiritual life, what we have to do is learn to connect our beliefs to what we are living. We have to find the Paschal Mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus something that is alive and impactin1239396193f5Mn22g our own lives. Stop and think. Almost everyday, sometimes in small and ordinary ways, we encounter the cross. We have to wait patiently for the car in front of us to merge over on the freeway. We have to listen to a co-worker or a family member as they complete their sentences and thoughts rather than insert our own words into the conversation. We have to welcome the way others do things or their ideas that may differ from our own for we have to let up our own need to control or be right. We have to manage our own feelings so we can honestly react to others and not our own concerns for them. I am remembering about this as I walk alongside the teenagers and young adults in my family. In fact, as I wrote this I had to remove the word my from the sentence…”as I walk alongside my teenagers and young adults. The people in my family are not mine for they are given to me for a time to nurture and love but ultimately they are Gods. God inspires them too for family life is a cross for others by working with your own needs that may be out of balance and impinge on the legitimate needs of others? How can you let the ordinary moments, that cause you to hold yourself back, put you in touch with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus which is a real time force for good in your life. Ask God for a new awareness of just how real the Paschal Mystery is for you today! ~ Mary

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