Posted by: wordofthevine | November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday Renamed “Transcendent Monday” for a Purpose!

thanksgiving15Today is Cyber Monday, an online super shopping day which is designed to super charge our spending towards Christmas. What about your walk with God? How are you trying to super charge your prayerful actions in Advent as you spiritually move towards Christmas? I’m not just talking about how to incorporate more prayer in your life. A new, growing edge for me is to integrate my faith/prayer with my life. I am trying to make my practical actions of relating to others, a prayer and an off shoot of prayer. I am remembering St. James’ adage, “Faith with out works is dead.”

We’ve all just celebrated Thanksgiving with many of us encountering our extended families during the celebration. While you can’t pick your family like you do your friends, how did you choose to relate to those that you struggle with. Maybe I’m making an assumption here, but I think most of us have certain family members that take more energy for us to relate with. How did prayer allow you to be unglued from your own perspectives to see issues and life through the eyes of these challenging people? Most want to experience that they belong, that in their wrinkles and struggles, others are willing to hang in there with them.

I am reminding myself these very things. I am in the middle of supporting my elderly mother’s move to a senior apartment. My brothers had different ideas than I about how to address mom’s needs. She has a value of letting “the boys” be in charge so I felt frustrated in sharing my perspectives. I tend to talk things out, to process thoughts and feelings, while my brothers are “doers” and couldn’t understand the need to work any relationship dynamics out so we can proceed together as a team to address Mom’s needs. I decided to let go, let mom move ahead with the boys’ plans for her as she seemed to desire and to show her support, even though I felt hurt by the interaction.

We want to work on ourselves and our reactions here so that these people can experience the fruits of our prayer as loving action through us. Who knows, we might be right next to them in heaven and we want to be alright with that, even happy for them. They helped us buff off rough edges to  our loving here on Earth and our undue need for control. We need to be grateful for them if our goal is fullness of life here and in the age to come! These are the thoughts that I am reminding myself on this Cyber-Monday, which I am renaming Transcendent Monday! ~ Mary


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