Posted by: wordofthevine | January 24, 2017

The Grace of God that Supports Me!

st-faustinaAs I wrote earlier, I have been working for the last six months in a new job directing spiritual care at a Catholic hospital three hours away from my family. I stepped into this job after my husband and I earnestly discerned that God had opened this door and was beckoning me to follow his will for me. I like my job and where I am living but I struggle markedly with the grief of living apart for a few months from my husband and my youngest son , who is a senior in high school.

This last weekend, I had returned home to my family after being away for three weekends due to bad weather. We all enjoyed spending time together which made leaving yesterday, Sunday, very difficult. I talked to several  women close to me. Each understood how difficult it is for me to leave each time and return back to work.

As I talked, it just seemed like I couldn’t see clear how to come to peace in this predicament. I felt mortally torn between my job and my family. In the midst of rehashing the stale difficulty, I received a light from God through the words shared by a friend. I could see that I was being asked to let go of control in my life, to trust that God had been providing for my son, for he was thriving. I was being asked to grow apart from my family context as an instrument of God in my own right while my husband was growing in covering some bases that I had traditionally covered. God was blessing us and engineering all of our growth.

From this insight, I felt a deep settling in peacefulness. My struggling eased. Today the grace continued along with an awareness that my mother must be praying for me. I was having a deeply joyous day at work, felt energized and free from my earlier anguish. I was sure I was having a blessed day because someone, probably my mom, was praying for me.

Tonight as I was eating dinner by myself, with my dog at my side, the phone rang. My mom was calling to check in on me and to tell me that she had offered Mass for me today. She had prayed that God would take my hand and give me insight into His will for me. My good day was the direct result of my Mom’s prayers for me.

My mom’s phone call brought to my mind the words from St. Faustina Kowalsa’s diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul. She wrote, “I do always what God asks of me, although my nature often quakes and I feel the magnitude of these things is beyond my strength. I know well what I am of myself, but I also know what the grace of God is, which supports me.”[i] Let us pray for one another ! ~ Mary


[i] Kowalska, Saint Maria Faustina Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul, Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, 2001, p 272, paragraph 652

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