Posted by: wordofthevine | January 27, 2017

How Not to Draw Back from God!

Two lines from today’s reading jumped out at me today at two different places in Scripture. I was praying the liturgy of the hours and the spiritreadings from the Mass when the words, “Do not throw away your confidence,  it will have great recompense”  and “we are not among those who draw back from God” both from Hebrews Chapter 10. As I reflect on my own life, I see that often I fall short of carrying the joy of God in compassionate service to others when I am simply grounded on the here and now. I may be tired, over extended where I don’t sometimes feel like being charitable. How can exercising confidence in God and the reality of his grace change this? How can I life stepping forward to God.

We can practice exercising our confidence by first noticing our feelings, and experiences in the here and now, but not stopping at this. We want to understand ourselves as children of God and of the light. He meets us in our broken and limited places to invite us to step with Him into the light.

An example of this comes to us from the late Agnes Sanford and her book, The Healing Light. She helps us see that something can shift inside us when we find God with us by a simple turn of our attention. She  writes, “ For instance, I once slammed a very heavy door upon my finger, turning it black. If I had said “damn” and had fought the pain, the finger would have continued to hurt. But being very conscious at the time of my own power and authority as a child of God, I held my finger up before Him and blessed the pain therein, congratulating it as one of His healing agencies. The pain ceased immediately as if I had somehow shifted my sensations into the spiritual kingdom.”[i]

Let us step forward in the midst of our everyday life, like Agnes, and live more fully through the pain to the reality at our fingertips as children of God.


[i] Sanford, Agnes, The Healing Light, Ballentine Books, New York, 1947, p 64

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