Posted by: wordofthevine | November 8, 2017

What a Good Example Can Do!

We’ve all heard the maxim, “Do onto others what you want done onto you!” I met an older couple who had been married over 60 years who showed me the power in a good example. In simple ways, this husband was caring for his wife with such a gentle patience. She lay in the bed not able to speak much short of a quiet whimper that she had some pain. He spoke in a loving tone reassuring her that he would help her. He stroked her hand and forearm with a steady loving touch which reassured her. After the nurse came and offered some pain medicine, when she settled down in the loving presence of her husband that’s when it hit me, “what love has to do with it.”

This husband spoke of how he loved his wife, how she was the extrovert and had been his spark plug through out their long life together. For him, she was the most beautiful woman. He owed who he was to her and their love that had drawn the best out of him in living. When we reflect this loving touch to others, we bloom ourselves and we help them open up to be who they were created to be.

The power of the love between these two stayed with me the rest of the day. I felt aware of how a loving example can illuminate others to reflect on love. A good example is catchy and a simple glimpse of heaven here and now. Let us remember this and be inspired to be “lights to the world” especially when we turn on the evening news and see the fear and defeat that a bad example brings.~ Mary


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