Posted by: wordofthevine | November 11, 2017

What Love Is!

I am having a ball with a friend’s lhasa apso puppy. He is 12 weeks old and at my house to assist his growth. He loves loving and actually slept really well last night considering he’s in a new environment for a time. For the better part of two hours this Saturday morning, starting at 5:15 AM he has been jumping around and fussing when I put him down after I give him attention. Right now he is quiet and learning how to be comfortable alone in his little run. I suggest that for us, in many ways, we are like him, Chance, the puppy.

We are called to grow up continually, even once we are adults. We have to develop an inward flexibility where we learn to move in sync with the deepest goodness, the Holy Spirit alive within and our own needs. We are to remain centered in a deep awareness of God’s love within us, respond to our own needs and learn to love others. We do this even while, sometimes, we have needs that clamor for our attention. We want what we want, when we want it and find it hard to set this aside to pay attention to what others need. Maybe we have a wound from lost love that keeps drawing us to it’s “well.” Many times, we live off centered focused on our own needs. Grace can reorient us, heal us and allow us to love.

As I think about these things, I glance over at the anniversary clock on my mantle. (I gave this clock to my husband when we were newlyweds for our third anniversary.) The brass clock apparatus inside was beautifully spinning back and forth off of a fulcrum in the center, keeping time. For us, our fulcrum is the Cross and the sacrificial love of God. We have to experience this reality as real, something we return to and live from. We are to learn to love unselfishly over time.

“Love is,” according to my book, Awakening a Life-Giving Heart,is active. Love involves the struggle to know oneself and freely love another in a sacrificial way, in the midst of mutually competing needs and demands (67).” What about you? Did you start off your day like Chance the pup, clamoring for your own needs or do you see you may be making strides with inner flexibility in movements of sacrificial love? ~ Mary

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